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Welcome to your Adult's Most Visited Affiliate and Content Surfer!

And here is how it works:

After you´ve signed up for our free exchange you will recieve your personal "Surf-Link".

Clicking on that link will open our "Surf-Bar" which is rotating our members websites.

You will have to view other members sites to earn credits for your own sites.

It´s like watching television: just lean back and see one interesting site after each other.

The sites are shown on a 25 secs timer and will earn you 0.75 credits each.

And we give you 1000 credits just for signing up and to start you off.

That means 1000 visitors for your websites - for free.

You can earn even loads more of credits by referring new members to our site.

So, if there is still a reason not to join, we would like to here about it! Please: Tell us.



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